Why You Need This

Understanding who your best buyers are and what makes them tick can help you create a better buyer's journey and improve the customer experience, now and in the future.

Personas provide deeper insights of your ideal customer behaviors, needs, and motivations, and more accurately inform sales and marketing decisions for better outcomes.

What We'll Give You

The Persona Template Guide explains how to use the Persona Template Document to build better buyer personas. The guide provides a high level overview of personas and includes a real world example of a completed template.

The template document can be used and reused to build new personas to inform your sales and marketing strategy and execution. 

How to Use This

Use the Persona Template Guide to understand personas, in general, and the template, more specifically. Then, make a copy of the template and complete each section based on insights gained from customer interviews, industry insights and your own experiences.

Personas provide a better understanding of how you can identify and engage with prospects and customers.